Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ski Season Begins!!

Hey All!!

Sorry for the long hiatus, midterm season has gotten the best of me but Alexis and I have made a renewed committment so get ready for a lot of new posts coming at you soon!

Skiiiii Season has officially begun and I am pretty damn excited! As many of you know, I am a raised Colorado girl and as the stereotype goes, I am enamored with the sport of skiing. I began to ski at the age of three although I was riding on my dad's back while he carved up the mountain since I could stand. Growing up skiing every winter and living in Colorado, the mountains became central to my consciousness and a symbol of everything good, happy, and free.
I have been blessed to be able to ski at some of the best resorts in North America including Snowbird, The Canyons, Whistler, Sqaw, Northstar, and Deer Valley, among many others. However my ski heart will always rest in the Vail resorts of Vail, Beaver, Breckinridge, Keystone, and Arapahoe Basin.
Arapahoe Basin opened up last weekend and Keystone will be opening up this weekend so all you Colorado readers, who I am always so incredibly jealous of this time of year, get your bums to the slopes!!

I will post more on my love obsession with skiing later but I wanted to leave you with a list of ten things I love about skiing to either get you excited for this year's ski season or convince you that if you have never skied before that you are missing out on an indescribaly remarkable experience!

10 Things I Love About Skiing

1. Conquering a new run that made your heart race when you first looked upon it
2. Finding the perfect line down a mogul run
3. Being the first one to ski the cordoroy behind an army of cats
4. Powder day
5. New ski gear
6. Knowing that you are so much cooler than all the snowboarders
7. Being the first/last one on the mountain so you can make big turns all the way down
8. Bowls and chutes... oh ya
9. Hot chocolate and chili in the lodge with family and people you love
10. Feeling like nothing else in the world matters besides bringing your skis around

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