Thursday, August 5, 2010

And So the Visit Begins!

Hey everyone!

Sorry I have taken a mini hiatus from posting. I've been so busy you know eating, concert-going, running, and straight up's a rough life I know. It's been so great getting to take some time off while Ryan has been visiting.

My family welcomed him to SD with this lovely breakfast at Hash House A Go Go. The portions were just right don't ya think?

My mom and I split a scramble that I in a way custom designed: bacon, tomatoes, and avocado. SO GOOD.

Ry went for the french toast:

And my dad took on the challenge of devouring the Bacon Waffle.

Afterwards a run was necessary! I showed Ryan my little route from the house to the golf course and he kicked my butt! I forgot how fast of a runner he is naturally, but it was great for me to have someone to run with and up my motivation!

Then we napped by the pool before heading downtown to the House of Blues for the Temper Trap concert! It was a great show and you all should check em out! Their most popular song is Sweet Disposition but I really really like Fader and Love Lost as well. I LOVE music and am thinking about doing some more music related posts in the future so look out for that.

Today I showed Ryan my favorite trail in San Diego, around the San Elijo Lagoon. My butt was once again kicked, but it felt great to push it. From there we headed to my fav restaurant, Naked Cafe, where I proceeded to devour some Sesame Ginger Tacos sans flour tortillas and with extra veggies!

Then it was off to the beach for the rest of the day. Finally the sun has come out in San Diego!! We also tried Whisknladle tonight for dinner in La Jolla but I forgot to snap some photos of my delish grapefruit/corn/avocado summer salad and seared scallops! So sorry but let me tell you it was yummmyy.

Tomorrow we're going to Disneyland and then to Newport Beach to do some more beach chillin' up north. This time we will be joined by Jenny and Danny whom I cannot wait to seeeee!! I've done some research on the food situation at Disneyland, and found some awesome gluten-free options that include pizza! I'll have to let you all know how that goes.


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