Monday, August 30, 2010

Eating Healthy, Srat Style

Hey all! The past week and weekend have been crazy but everything is finally starting to settle down.

One of our best friends Kelly turned 21 this past weekend and it was filled with non-stop celebrating! We started the weekend off with dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant where I legitimately stuffed my face with guacamole and chips to the point that there was no room in my stomach for anything else. Definitely not my healthiest moment, but delicious nonetheless.

Then Friday we headed out to Kluge Vineyards in Charlottesville for a little wine tasting! It was quite the experience as we became friends with a frenchman named Gregory who knew almost an unhealthy amount about wine.

We tried a range of wines from their staple Viogner to their "Simply Red." They also had an awesome Rosé that we enjoyed for the rest of the afternoon.

It was such a beautiful area and a nice getaway from the hectic week at UVa. We'll definitely be heading back there.

Heck even if we're not wine tasting I'll be happy dancing around in the fields!

I wanted to write about what it's been like to keep up a healthy lifestyle while living in a sorority house with a kitchen full of snacks. We have a new chef at our house this year who has been very accommodating to a gluten-free diet, but the snacks in the kitchen are not. This is probably a good thing, because I would eating a diet consisting of animal crackers and grilled cheeses if I did not have this limitation. Instead I've been all about the apples or bananas with peanut butter, peaches, yogurt, and Cinnamon Life cereal (which is daaa best!).

The toughest thing though are breakfasts. I have early morning classes four days a week that last for almost three hours. So there is a definite need to get to class full, yogurt and granola doesn't seem to do the trick anymore. My meetings with Rob, the nutritionist from San Diego, taught me a lot about fueling for the day. Animal protein is the best way to do so and to stay full. So I've been scrambling some eggs or just heating up some pre-cooked sausage links. I had some more time this morning to make a bigger meal, so I decided on a scramble with tomatoes and avocado and sausage. I was full until lunch!

Also, the other struggle is eating out while at school. Like I've talked about before, avoiding gluten allows me to do choose healthier options. That is until I discovered Rise Pizza which makes a gluten-free crust. After two nights of staying out WAY past my bedtime, this pizza has been the cure at the time but is definitely not the healthiest option. For the most part I've been able to choose healthier options like salads and turkey burgers while out for dinner.

That's all for now! This is our last week before the Virginia Beach Half-Marathon next weekend! Hopefully it will be much cooler there because it has been hot hot hot in Charlottesville (at a current 98 degrees Fahrenheit).



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  2. Spending most of the weekend with Alexis I can attest that she stuck to healthy eating. Maybe not so much healthy drinking but I guess that is what makes it "SRAT style" . She is a lot easier on her sorority chef in the blog than real life. This guy served a burger for brunch one day and by the way the girls described him you would be convinced that he was the devil. On another note I want to comment on Gregory (the girl's french wine guy)as I was there He was not impressed with the group of girls he was serving wine to I am not sure if it was because he didn't understand them or their jokes, they asked him a lot of personal questions, or the fact that I was standing behind him making motions that clearly resembled "slap the bag". Overall, that was a fun experience for me too considering all the jokes we got to make that went right over this guy's head.