Sunday, August 15, 2010

Portion Control? What's That?

Don't freak out everyone, I'm not here to do a sermon about running. This time is a much simpler post in which all I will do is brag about the amazing food I've been devouring while home in San Diego.

First up, average bag lunch I take to work each day:

Now the salad marathon.

Tendergreens: Roasted chicken with avocado and tomatoes. Simple yet amazing.

Claire's on Cedros: Heirloom tomato salad with ricotta cheese and a homemade pesto along with a side of grilled chicken for some extra protein.

Neiman's Zodiac Restaurant: This dish called "Heart Couture" on the menu. It was a delish salad of lemon shrimp, roasted almonds, feta, quinoa, asparagus and tomatoes on a bed of romaine lettuce.

All of the salads are counteracted with meals like this, a feast my momma made for Amanda and I this morning. GLUTEN FREE PANCAKES DO EXIST! And taste even better when covered in bananas and filled with chocolate chips:

Butter art?

Tonight the fam headed to Market to celebrate my grandmother's birthday!

An amuse bouche of lemongrass/raspberry sorbet with mint and champagne grapes:

Grapefruit/Avocado/Goat Cheese salad (probably one of my favorite salads of all time):

Cabernet Short Ribs with Potato-Onion Puree, Corn Saute, and Chino Farms Tomatoes:

Happy Birthday Oma!!

All of these dishes are healthy, but BIG. When I get back to school I'm going to have to stop eating with my eyes, which happen to be a lot bigger than my stomach.

Only two-ish more days until I'm back in Charlottesville! Can't wait to write to you about living healthy college lifestyles when we're actually back at college.


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