Thursday, August 12, 2010

Relaxing a mile high

Hey all!

It has been so nice being back home this week! Eating good food, running, organizing and hanging out with my family is just the break I need before all the craziness of school begins. 

But first things first- the food! It was my mother's birthday on Tuesday and so my whole family went out to a local Italian restaurant that my parents had been to before and really like called Venice Restaurant. It was really nice and all the waiters had Italian accents so it made the whole experience kind of authentic. We got a delicious appetizer sampler platter but my family and I devoured it too fast for me to take a picture of it. For the main course, I ordered the salmon served over veggies at the suggestion of the waiter and it was so tasty!!

Then last night, one of my good friends and I went to go see Across the Universe at Red Rocks Amphitheater (if you don't know about Red Rocks, I will be posting about it later but you should check it out before that because it is absolutely one of the coolest places) for Film on the Rocks. Before the show though, we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant near Red Rocks called the Morrison Inn. Ashley and I are both huge fans of guacamole so we couldn't resist ordering some with our chips and salsa.

Yummm. Then because I am trying to eat at least one vegetarian meal a day (more on that in a later post), I decided to order the spinach enchilada. It was also a favorite of the chefs.

After our big Mexican meal we were glad to hike the uphill trek to the amphitheater. 

Then tonight my brother and I joined my sister and one of her close friends for their annual summer tradition of eating at the country club together before the school year begins. This year is extra special because they will both leaving college this fall! Marco (my sister's friend) and I both decided to order the salmon sandwich (apparently I'm loving salmon this week) with beautiful asparagus on the side. 

 One of my biggest downfalls during the school year is that I almost always choose a little more sleep over eating breakfast. But with no classes and no work at home, I have gotten really into my breakfasts and it is making all the difference in my energy levels throughout the day. My favorite breakfast recently is to put some Vive cereal with fresh bananas and strawberries, along with a cup of soy milk. 

Perfect way to start my mornings!

Now it is on to the running. At the beginning of the week, I was running shorter distances of about 4-5 miles but trying to run at a faster speed. Speed is definitely my downfall and my dad and I have talked a lot since I have been home about interval training and the importance of varying your speed in your work-outs. I really struggled with trying to push myself to run faster but I also think that proves that it is definitely something I need to continue working on. 

Today was my distance run and I ran a little shy of 9 miles along one of my favorite trails that follows the South Platt River. 

It was absolutely beautiful but I have been getting really bad side pains and cramps when I have been running since I have been home and this was exacerbated during my longer run today. My guess and hope is that this is just due to my body not being use to running at altitude but it is still extremely annoying to run with. The last two miles of my run were really painful and slow but I knew that I just needed to work through it and teach my body to overcome it, especially if it were to happen during race. 

Tomorrow I am off to climb three fourteeners! Stay tuned for many pictures and tales of my ascents!! Happy almost Friday!

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