Sunday, August 8, 2010

Disneyland Made Healthy!

Hey all! Sorry Shelb and I have been such bad bloggers lately... she's been roadtrippin' back to Colorado and I've been busy with all the great visitors to San Diego!

There wasn't much time on Friday to squeeze in a run, but that was probably for the best. Standing in various lines for about 12 hours was rough on my legs, especially after our fast paced run the day before. I was pretty happy with how healthy Ryan and I were able to eat at Disneyland.

We started the day with an awesome breakfast with my grandpa on Balboa Island. I went for the Park Avenue omelette without cheese or onion:

Then for lunch we went to a Mexican restaurant in Downtown Disney where I had the greenest meal ever, Garden Enchiladas:

Not sure how great of an idea it was to go straight to a roller coaster after all that Mexican food, as seen here:

My snacks during the day included mangoes, watermelon, a fruit-only smoothie from Jamba, and a much needed mocha later in the night. Dinner was jambalaya in the New Orleans district at Disneyland, but I must have been too hungry to remember to snap a pic!

The next day I got to hang with Jenny and Katya, starting off with a grandma-made breakfast and ended up at Newport Beach for the rest of the day. Afterwards we went to my fav place in the whole world SPRINKLES! I was seriously concerned I wouldn't get to enjoy one of these babies upon starting my new gluten-free diet, but luckily they have gluten-free red velvet cupcakes:

It definitely wasn't as good as the regular red velvet but it was nice to partake in the experience with everyone else!

We made the trek from Newport to San Diego, which took much longer than expected given the mass amounts of traffic. We made do though, with Ryan as D.J.
I have gone cobbler crazy and made another one for my lovely guests, this time with peach! I added a personal touch:

Today we went to Tendergreens for some delish salads before dropping Jenny off at the airport. Then we headed to Knott's Soak City for a change of pace. It was definitely not as wonderful as I remembered, but the hours spent on the lazy river were definitely necessary. Afterwards Ryan and I met my parents for some sushi. This is the first time I have had sushi since I have stopped eating gluten. I brought Tamarin with me, a gluten-free soy sauce that is not processed with wheat. I also avoided my usual favorites, sushi rolls with tempura.

John also made me his special sauce for gluten-free customers that was made up of lemon juice, onion, and sea salt. It had a similar taste to soy sauce.

Here's crazayyy John, "No Money No Honey!!"

He also helped me out with one of my favorites the Albacore Special Roll (as seen above). He replaced the tempura fried shrimp with boiled shrimp and asparagus for crunch. It was almost as good as the original!!

Ryan leaves tomorrow sadly, but only 10 more days until CHARLOTTESVILLE! Can't wait! I'm going to be doing lots and lots of running this week to enjoy my favorite trails before heading back to Charlottesville!


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