Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back in Action

Wowwwwww I didn't even realize how long it had been since my last post! YIKES.

I'm alive and well, I promise. It's been a very very hectic week. From work training, to moving in, to sorority stuff, to school stuff; it's all makin' my head explode! But not to worry, now that I'm getting my routine down everything is going fine and dandy.

The flight back to Charlottesville went well. Instead of reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy like I had promised myself I would do, I watched about 4 episodes of the West Wing. Yes, I am addicted. I had a layover in Atlanta on the way to Cville, where I was determined to find the Qdoba in one of the terminals. Qdoba had been my last meal in this very airport before departing for Lima for six weeks earlier this summer, so it seemed appropriate to finish the circle.

The meal was pretty pleasant. I was in the international terminal, feeling jealous of all the adventures my co-food court attendees were headed on. My coolness decreased tremendously when I dropped the rest of my naked burrito on my lap, but a friendly pilot helped me clean.

The next day I headed off to Poplar Ridge, a high ropes area at UVa. I went with the other Facility Supervisors from the AFC for some good old team bonding. I got to face my fear of heights on the big swing. The iPhone pictures aren't too amazing but still cool nonetheless!

Those first two days in Charlottesville were all about work and seeing friends! Then it was time to start moving into my sorority house. It's been crazyyyyyy so far and I will be sure to post pictures of me and Mary's cute new room when it's all finished up.

So far I have had two days in the Comm School, and let me tell you those people know how to intimidate poor impressionable 3rd year students. But I've loved everything we have learned so far and am really excited about the upcoming two years.

Last night, Shelby and Kelly ventured to one of my favorite restaurants in Charlottesville. Sticks specializes in kabobs that you can get as a platter, in a sandwich, or on a salad.

I went for the shrimp kabobs and sesame beans. And mango lemonade. AMAZING.

Kell went for gazpacho and sesame beans (we love these beans).

And Shelb went crazy for her falafel sandwich.

It's been a lot harder here at school to stay gluten-free, but luckily the new chef at our sorority has been really helpful catering to this request. All the free lunches I have been getting at orientations have been great, but I find myself constantly plucking out the insides and just munching on meat and cheese. It will get better over time when I have all the restaurants in Charlottesville mapped out. We did discover a gluten-free pizza crust at a new restaurant called Rise Pizza that tastes amazingggg and will become a regular occurrence for me.

It's time for me to do a lotta reading! Sorry for being such a bad blogger. Look out for a post soon about the best music to exercise to!


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